Social Service

Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh is a police officer by choice. IPS was his first option in the UPSC Civil services Examination. According to him, policing is one of the best services which provide full opportunity to serve the people in general and thus positively contributing every sphere of the society. In this sense, policing is the best way to serve the society. He is a strong proponent of the great Indian tradition and value system. He always motivates the common citizens to participate in the routine policing. He acts very tough against criminal elements, at the same time; he treats the common citizens with due respect and honour. The following hymn from Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the guiding and motivating factor in his day to day routine police work:

                      “Santa Maniyo Doota Daniyo, ih Kutwari Meri

                        I honour and obey the saints and punish the wicked.

                                 This is my duty as God’s Police Officer.

                                           (Guru Granth Sahib. p.969)

His policing style is based upon justice model of jurisprudence which is totally different from Austinian model of British jurisprudence. In this background, he gives human touch in his routine policing. And that is why; he always gets full support from the people in general even in core policing job. By this, every citizen feels part of the police organisation and always remains eager to play his or her part in policing.

Kunwar Vijay Pratap has written a book on the universal teachings of Saint Kabir with a sole motive of transforming the society by removing evils of discrimination on the basis of caste, community, region, religion and faith. The officer is very closely associated with various social, cultural and religious organisations with a view to channelize the energy of youths in propagating and practising unity and common brotherhood in the society. In brief, he is a true disciple of “Sarvat da bhala” and "Manas ki jat sabhe eke paihcanbo”.  

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